About Us

The SoulFull Cafe, located in Richmond Utah, is a “wellness cafe.” A place where mental wellness, healing, hope, caring, love, good food and service unite. Our belief, and the message we share with our employees and patrons is “You are worthy. You are loved. You are enough.”

We strive to feed your body through nutritious, made from scratch meals prepared with love and care while infusing positive messages and mental wellness tips. Our “wellness cafe” is a place of safety, a place of rest and a place to rejuvenate and refresh.

We purchase as many ingredients as we can from local farmers. If you have eaten a meal today, express your gratitude to a farmer!

Our humble cafe was constructed in 1915 and initially used as a train depot where people would gather and eat good food while waiting for the train. Founded by two friends with backgrounds in psychology and wellness, we are honored to put our heart and souls to work in the same location as those before us.

The SoulFull Cafe will provide a conduit for every customer and team member to experience and feel our core values.


Treating others, and ourselves, with kindness, compassion and understanding.


A habit of awareness and a pattern of thinking that recognizes and appreciates the fortunate aspects of our circumstances.


Focusing on, and appreciating, the many blessings and opportunities that we have already been given.


Forming strong, healthy relationships with others by opening up, actively listening, and being vulnerable enough to share what we’re going through.


Intentionally focusing our awareness on the present moment.


Living your best life by serving and lifting others using the gifts you have been given.

We envision our “wellness cafe” as a place for employees and patrons to feel love, kindness, acceptance and understanding as we all heal and build resilience while strengthening ourselves physically and emotionally.